Sarah Brunkhorst

Multimedia Artist

Burlington, VT

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Going Home

Shot on black and white 35mm film and edited digitally, "Going Home" is an ongoing series studying the places I grew up in and around. It is an examination of my perspective on rural Missouri while living across the country in Vermont, as well as an expression of the tension held by my relationship with these places.

An earlier draft of "The Eager Place" was featured in the 2018 Champlain College Juried Student Art Show.

"Well House" and "Telephone Poll" are on display at the Burlington City Arts studios until March 2020.


Other Photos


Commercial Photography: Event

and Product

I have worked as a commercial photographer for freelance clients, art galleries, and businesses. In these roles, I've photographed a range of subjects — artwork, gallery openings, products, celebrations, workshops.

It is always my goal to provide you with the documentation you want of your object, space, or event.