Sarah Brunkhorst

Multimedia Artist

Burlington, VT

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Labor of Love

My Champlain College Creative Media capstone project, Labor of Love, is an experiment in three parts: drawn-on-film animation, film tinted stop motion, and photograph altered using darkroom processes.


It asks why an artist would elect to use old, time-consuming, expensive, and challenging methods for their work rather than utilizing modern technology. It both explores the downsides and finds a simple answer in the advantages: fun.

Click on each piece of the project to learn more about the process.


Twitter Bots

Twitter bots are Twitter accounts that tweet automatically on a set schedule from a pre-generated list of content.

Abstract Art Bot tweets descriptions of abstract art sewn together from three different banks of phrases.

Kitty Bot behaves like a real life kitty cat, purring, playing, and making noise.

Jim Bot tweets out prompts and inspiration from Champlain College's creative writing and poetry professor, Jim Ellefson.​


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